Vacation rentals in Saint Rémy de Provence  Holiday rentals in Eygalieres

Hidden in the very heart of the south-east of France these unique, distinctive holiday rental properties provide the perfect setting for an unforgettable Interlude in Provence. Here, in one of the many charming hand-picked houses so typical of the region, you can fully experience the magic and character of Provence, where past meets present in a radiant landscape of sun and light, the inspiration of writers and artists  through the ages.

The vacation properties in Provence that we propose in this on-line collection have each been rigorously and meticulously selected for their superior quality, surroundings, and comfort; they are hidden in or near the most beautiful villages, among vines and ancient olive groves, in that enticing region of Provence known as Les Alpilles, where heritage and tradtional identity have been protected through the generations. 

Renovated farmhouses (‘mas’), prestigious properties, contemporary houses with state-of-the-art amenities, and more...  through our on-line catalogue of quality vacation properties we'd like to share with you the pleasure and essential magic of life in Provence...